North of Canada's 60th parallel, the light changes, washing an already stunning landscape in a glaze of rare beauty.

Winter visitors to the Yukon are often treated to the magical sight of undulating ribbons in the night sky - the Aurora Borealis. Swaying streamers of pale green, pink and blue light arch and dance, fade in and out, and - according to some - even make a crackling noise.

You'll also see the Yukon's beauty in its wildlife. You might spot a mother grizzly with two playful cubs by the river's edge or a valley overflowing with caribou. Off the northern coast, the hulking masses of beluga and bowhead whales rise and fall in the icy waters.

The rare splendour of the Yukon reaches higher, too. Kluane Park's Mount Logan is the highest mountain in Canada, a majestic peak set in a sea of ice. The Yukon is a wonderful place to roam, explore, canoe, hike, or just kick back and relax - any season of the year. 

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